November 19, 2006


Today I intended to catch a movie. My aim was to review "Casino Royale" from the perspective of the Cyprus Problem. Strangely enough, though, a diversion cropped up in the form of a curious little entry on a map-inspired blog that was brought to our Foreign Ministry's attention by Sraosha (may his thousand-pillared house always be serene) who quite correctly suggested the title of this desperate post.

The map related blog, strangemaps, merely brings to our attention what a weird little place Stravaraland may seem to be if one merely gazes at a map. Once you get there, though, it all starts making sense... right?

What are we to do about the blogosphere invading our poor island? Should we address this issue and clarify the situation? Should we visit the map blog and post a comment before Talat visits? What's Lillikas doing about this?

Now let me see, when's "Casino Royale" showing?

*The [Eastern] Cyprus Problem


Blogger drakouna said...

The matter is so serious, I suggest we all sleep with our socks on and invite Dalaras for another round of concerts...

20 November, 2006 13:59  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

I have to agree, to para phrase Dr Psychia on a previous post:

You are kidding, right?

Unless you want to join Dr Vass, throw your hair back (direct translation wins over in this case), and start a revolution about Dekeleia (or is it Ormideia)?

20 November, 2006 21:00  
Anonymous Noullis said...

It seems Dalaras is busy. I'm trying to organise a Spice Girls re-union instead.

21 November, 2006 19:38  

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