November 17, 2006

On Yer Bike

"Kostis and Yiannis Go Home" is not a slogan I expect will be spray painted on a wall anywhere in Lebanon anytime soon. It may, however, be shouted from the mountaintops by none other than the man who asks more questions than anyone else in parliament - the Honourable (yes, I use the term frivolously) Mr Perdikis.

I'm sure there are some serious members of the Green party. Perdikis doesn't need to be, as he is the leader. And to prove this point he has penned a fabulous article in Friday's edition of Politis.

The two National Guard officers have to be withdrawn, according to Perdikis and then he waffles on about a number of objections he has about Stravaraland's presence in Lebanon all of which are either silly or contradictory. One of his more entertaining objections has to do with the possibility of Kostis and Yiannis being asked to take on the Hezbollah.

Then he goes on about the Turks and how it must be "the first time ever that a victim and an aggressor are part of the same peacekeeping force".

If Perdikis ever makes a trip to Cyprus he may notice Argenitne and British troops serving together in an outfit called UNFICYP.

OK, Greenboy, now go over and complain to the UN for not including Cyprus as a member of UNIFIL on this website.


Blogger Pikifrinos said...

So this partridge guy has become a very sorry figure. As a friend used to say...Xestikame ki i barka who the F$%* cares with what you say mr partridge...I say find him a film studio and let him be the star of a short movie called Suburban Green Partridge:Return of the moron...
aisixtir pia...enough spending taxes paying this guy's salary...

17 November, 2006 14:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Mr. Perdikis (or as pikifrinos said, Mr. Partridge) is the president of the Green party just because of his name. As you, my friend Noullis have pointed out, there is nothing else that qualifies him for the position.

Although I wonder about the rest of them... Something must be really wrong with them to follow such a leader.

17 November, 2006 17:31  
Anonymous m said...

Just a side note; Politis does not have permanent links to articles until the next day they are issued. So for example, this article - will now be available at the same link BUT replace "columns" with "archive" in the URL to see it.

As for Mr Perdikis, it is obvious that he realises the importance of Cyprus in the world - both on an economic, military and political level. Therefore, you can see why he is worried if we are face to face with say Hezbelloh, as this might possibly damage our image and weaken relations with out allies. Allowing UNFIL access to our military camps (equipped) with 3 soldiers, 4 old Stayer trucks, a fat cook and 58 flies on a rotting pattiha) would be, as you realise, disastrous.

This is the funniest part: "Η αποστολή της UNIFIL αποτελεί απαύγασμα των πολιτικών συμφερόντων των δυνάμεων της περιοχής. Υπάρχουν πρόνοιες που δυνατόν να εμπλέξουν τις δυνάμεις της UNIFIL σε συγκρούσεις ή τις καθιστούν επικυρίαρχες στην περιοχή μας. Υπάρχουν βέβαια ασφαλιστικές δικλείδες, οι οποίες όμως, δεν είναι βέβαιο ότι θα γίνουν σεβαστές."

Possibly, there could be military action, involving our "powers" and if this happens, then there are of course "Safety" loopholes, but we are not sure that they abide by them. So IF X, then MAYBE Y, and POSSIBLY Z? What a politician! I am in awe!

18 November, 2006 13:57  
Blogger Noullis said...

Thanks for the Politis links tip, fixed that URL.

As for Pertikos and his grasp on reality. and politics... hmmm, maybe it's better that I'm sleep deprived these days or else I'd claim he is the human equivalent of spam. You know: "I think, therefore I'm spam.."

18 November, 2006 16:25  

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