December 20, 2006

Illiterate and Libellous

Someone's not paying enough of attention when reading newspaper articles at Police Headquarters. The following paragraph is from a Cyprus Mail story on rampant youth drunkenness in Limassol:

“If you hear some of things going there, it’s out of control. When parents stop giving their kids money they’ll end up exploiting themselves to get their [drug] dosage.”

Yes, it's a quote from someone who sees the potential worsening of a situation already out of control.

The article, however, prompted the police to get a bit overzealous. They claim that their own interpretation regarding whoring for drugs is unfounded. Maybe they can read the paragraph a bit slower or get someone in who is capable of reading and comprehending what this collection of words, embedded in a larger collection of words, actually means.

But why is the police trying to impress upon us that part of the problem which the newspaper does not claim to exist does, in actual fact, not exist?

And having completely misread the article can they really get away with referring to the Cyprus Mail's editor as having acted in a "frivolous" manner?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Κουράγιο.... φίιιιιιιλε (πολύτιμη η ζωή σου λέω... είιιιιιιναι)"


21 December, 2006 08:44  
Anonymous nousimos kappa said...

When Mr Apomenos Apomenou joined on a Morning show the magalith of cypriot journalism Tsouroulis yesterday, he was read the article there and then. It was early, the studio was pink, and the coffee was not strong enough and of course "alla ethkevazan alla ekatalavan". Now, how the whole story ended up as main news on all radio and Tv news last nite...? well the police's press officer simply did her job. Apomenos Apomenou got in the ministry around 10, gave orders for the "investigation", by 12 they found nothing, by 12.30 the press release was distributed.

So simple, so real, so Uganda!

21 December, 2006 09:22  
Blogger Noullis said...

@dr. Psychia:

Pe mou, se parakalw, ti sou eftai3en h Uganda!

21 December, 2006 09:30  

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