December 14, 2006

One apodimos, two votes

As a good apodimos I am going to be around for the next mayoral elections. I have been voting abroad for the last few years but that does not prevent me from voting for the local mayor where I grew up in Banana Republic, plus also for the mayor of my grandfather's occupied town. Of course, neither the mayor of the occupied town nor the mayor of the free one can do anything for me. Nevertheless, I will show up (after picking up the grandparents) and vote for the candidate that will piss off the Establishment the most. You see, CHANGE as promulgated by the current Presidency, has only managed to change the politicians but not the politics of the land. Given as it is that true change will not likely come in these mayoral elections or in the next Presidential elections, we might as well do our utmost to show to the Establishment that dissent will not die, however much mud is willingly thrown around. My protest vote will be there, testament to the hope (and deposit to the will) that things can (and will) get better...

originally posted by Apodimos Kypreos


Anonymous nousimos kappa said...

Why is it that every time there is an election, every one starts talking about better tomorrows, and things are going to change? Is the pre-election political advertising that effective, or is it all working on word of mouth?

The most honourable stand is not to vote. At least this way you will not feel guilty 2 months later when the "fkioro" you helped get elected starts acting like they all do.

There so many other things you can do on sunday.

Thats all i have to say about that

15 December, 2006 10:21  
Blogger Noullis said...

I think I'd prefer a 'protest vote' candidate. Much more interesting and a bit more quantifiable.

16 December, 2006 07:51  
Anonymous nousimos kappa said...

...protest vote...I did that the last time I voted. Voted Green, since until then they never got elected. And then they did... and i ve been feeling guilty ever since...

gia afto koumbare "no vote" na tsimoume isixos

16 December, 2006 12:56  
Anonymous m said...

apparently all refugees and their kids have two votes, as a someone was telling me today. it allows you to symbolically vote for the mayor of your occupied town and your local mayor...

18 December, 2006 17:29  

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