January 24, 2007

Night flights

Imagine someone driving and parking on Soutsou Street (the street behind the larger-than-life statue of Ethnarch the First) 57 times in a short period of time and pulling out his little red triangles indicating car trouble. He is then seen going into different ‘establishments’ on Soutsou asking for help (with his testosterone-release I would imagine).

Yet here in glorious Stravaraland, where the bearded folk, donning black cashmere fight for the investor's sacred right to maintaining racially pure Cypriot banks, absolutely no one would ever suspect what this fella is doing on that street. No suspicion whatsoever.

When the local kafetzis was asked whether the zapties at the corner was playing full-pello, he answered ‘ We did not know’…

OK sior, maybe so… but if you step back (careful not to fall in the lakkos at Strakkaland where the finest of Cypriot olive oils are produced and exported to the UK and bought in Pounds Sterling) and think with what brain cells have been spared from the lazarmavr-phil-aulik brainwashing, the only thing you might not suspect is that the fella came ‘freely’ - so to speak - or perhaps resorted to one of those super-duper, delayed ejaculation, twisted and ribbed Durex XL (hopefully with spermicide) of European origin…

Oops, that was not what C Pash was referring to when he made his comments today when asked about the 57 flights.….ou stravara mou… I guess not all flights are the same…


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