February 02, 2007

Ατζαμήδες, άλλως Amateurs

Jimmy the Sheftali today demanded that the international community condemn Turkey for her threats against Stravaraland.

Now, we spent the last 3 years trying to get Turkey to recognize us but we think we failed (we are not sure yet, everyone else knows except the average Kostis who reads Phil and listens to CyBC). We've now discovered the oil business - given the upcoming elections - and when various people started wondering, well, wait a minute, Turkey is only 50 km north of Stravaraland and if there is oil off the south of the land, there might well be oil to the north as well. So how about we figure out to whom the sea between Kyrenia and Mersin belongs?

Are we going to spend the next 3 years figuring out our territorial waters and, in the process, how to get out of this oil mess now?

We;re talking big strategists here. King TeePee, his White Knights, and Bishops from Pafos.

They are here on a mission and they plan to stay!

Να μας ζήσουν!


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