May 02, 2008

Olympic Flame Post of the Day

This one came barging into my inbox and I hope Photis received it as well:

We have and think it is useful for you to enter China market.

We can really consider selling it. If you are interested in it ,please reply to us and discuss the domain tranfer matters.

We could finish the transaction through which is a international Domain trade agency.Then, will help you transferred the domain.

China is the biggest market in the world ! domains is a symbol of enterprises in China!10,000,000 .cn domains are been registered!

At last,Sorry for the disturb if any.

Wish you a happy new year 2008, and welcome to our China to visit Olympic Games.

Best Regards."

No mention of, but I'm sure if the ineterest is there a deal could be made. And in case you were wondering, the e-mail address is


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