April 23, 2008

Primetel: The best ISP on Earth

The somewhat offensive content of the post that once occupied this space has been temporarily removed. It's an ex-post. It has gone to meet its maker. This is an official gesture of good faith. The comments, however, remain as it is good for certain 'anonymous' commenters to make fools of themselves in public. Sorry, couldn't resist!

As this problem is being sorted out after a mere 3 months, during which time the demographics of this neighbourhood or wireless usage has not fluctuated, I will retain my sense of guarded optimism.

Also, if there is a slimy worm out there in Ayios Andreas who suddenly found out that their wi-fi connection has also gone to meet its maker, my message is a simple get stuffed!

Let's wait and see. I have already informed the technical staff at Primetel that if this problem persists I will hunt them down like stray animals and give them a healthy dose of pepper spray.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend you have serious issues and you should see a doctor.Everyone is excited from primetel's evolution and the quality of service they offer. I am sure that you are guided by someone .I am hardly in primetel's are of coverage and the efficiency of my internet is much much better than when i used to have cyta.
Take your pill ,go to bed and tomorrow you will feel better.

23 April, 2008 11:32  
Blogger Noullis said...

@ anonymous:

I agree that CyTA is a mess and just about any other ISP is better when it comes to Internet connectivity.

Primetel does offer good connectivity but I also have a very erratic line and their "tech support" has so far been ineffective.

I have had decent response from an engineer and some helpful advice, so not all is as bad.

As for your conspiracy theory...well, whatever rocks your boat.

As for 'hardly' being in primetel's area of coverage...well, it's like being only slightly pregnant!

As for taking a pill... the red one or the blue one?

23 April, 2008 12:20  
Blogger alexandra said...

but, have you seen this:

23 April, 2008 17:15  
Anonymous neighbor said...

Dude you are saying that you had problems with your wireless connection and now you will retain your sense of guarded optimism?

You mean that you didn't have a password to your router?

God I wish I was your neighbor... and then we could share your connection :)

26 April, 2008 11:14  
Blogger Noullis said...


Dude, I don't think you could afford the neighbourhood ;)

26 April, 2008 16:02  
Anonymous neighbor said...

Yes you are right Man... if your neighbors don't pay to use internet it must be very expensive neighborhood...

Anyway if you want to catch this guys check this link:

I don't know what type of router you are using but anyway this will help you. The DHCP client table will tell you the assigned IP/MAC/and the pc's name if one is given to it.

Just remove your password for some time and then pay them a visit :)

11 May, 2008 14:08  

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