July 09, 2008

Holy Crap, Wash My Taxi!

That's right, Noullis is back. The curtain was raised by Chuck Kelly in his piece on taxi drivers. They may as well ask to be given the option of handing out scratched lottery tickets in lieu of change. But that's old hat, dude. Done before, done before.

Where in the Bible does it mention taxi drivers inheriting the earth? Bless their peckers if they never wash down there. For only those who conserve will be considered meek.

And what's all this about the bloody water pipe being ten feet short? And what's this about Comrade Jimmy telling the press that one can't chastise a minister for being [in effect] cavalier of attitude and utterance? And, yeah, maybe he wasn't too happy about the water being blessed but he kept quiet.

Can't see the water for the priests. Nor the road for the fumes.

Stravaaaaaara mas!


Anonymous το Ηλίθιο Αγρινό said...

Anyone else entertains thoughts of sending Goldenmouth II over to Ankara for a round of friendly asperges ?


09 July, 2008 21:56  

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