August 01, 2007

Intensely Isolated

OK, let's treat them all like idiots and see what happens - episode 112

ChrisPash: "it's just an isolated incident. People should stop talking of a heatstroke epidemic in the National Guard."

Yes, the details are in...what was omitted. The isolated incident, in this case is an 18 year old recruit who almost died and needs to be held at the hospital's Intensive Care Unit for at least another 3 days. He is currently on a respirator. Yep, the kid's just an incident. Meanwhile a whole bunch of other recruits are suffering from heat stroke, fatigue and dehydration.

Now, please follow carefully: An isolated incident is a single, individual occurrence. The 18 year-old in the ICU, therefore, qualifies. This makes Chris Pash a truthful and righteous man. The others who suffer from dizzy spells and muscular malfunctions are many. They are, therefore not an isolated incident but a freak occurrence of a group of kids who are naive enough to jump off a cliff just because they were told to do so. They are, however, not organised, unionised or in any way galvanised. God Willing, they'll come out of this ordeal, stronger (as in whatever doesn't kill you...), more obedient (within boudaries of reason, of course) and proud to be alive so as to one day have the potential honour of getting killed.

It could be worse; they could still have had access to gyro and souvlaki.


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