July 27, 2007

Rottweilers [and Drop Bears]

Just as expected, the TeePee's spin doctors decided to let the rottweilers out of their cages. Pittokopitis, who failed to get re-elected to parliament leads by three snouts, with Koulias (no relation to Mehmet Koulias) barking away in second place.

Having been kept in the cold seems to have helped improve Pittokopitis' performance. You can almost see the saliva dripping and you can definitely hear that jaw snap, with no regard to any impending danger. It leads me to believe that he was not sent to the corner of the classroom to wear a dunce cap but was, instead, pumped up with steroids while enduring a brain implant. The former pole-climbing Paphian has brought the Annan plan back to the arena, playing the patriotic card and pulling another four from up his sleeve. Truly a man of steel who can not only dismiss a colonoscopy but laugh hysterically throughout the process.

Anyway, PittyPitt tore the opposition apart. His best line:"Is there a graver insult than accusing someone of promoting partition [of Cyprus]?" Indeed. He has single handedly elevated Annan Plan-related hysteria to previously unimaginable heights

Koulias, on the other hand, although seeming less vicious, was obviously chosen to play the refugee-patriot card. Apart from this he manages to rile anyone trying to argue with him, either by mumbling into his microphone while others try and get to the point, or simply spewing stale surrealism thus managing to crash most opponents' hard drives. But don't get me wrong; I feel a black shirt would have made for more appropriate and symbolic attire than the dark blue one he was wearing on CyBC on Friday.

It is pretty funny watching two grown men with a swan's beak up their arse bark on about a "European Solution". Alright, then, boys go and bloody find this solution. Yeah, just pop into the Solutions'R'Us in Brussels and bring one home, or forever endure being heckled by people shouting Tassiktir at the pair of you. In the meantime why not read what our friend Stravoxylo has to say on the matter in general here.

The muzzles are off, it seems and the Kassoulides camp have yet to release their own vicious dog into the arena.

Where's a 24/7 current affairs channel when you need one.

Meanwhile, the spellchecker's first suggestion when encountering Koulias is Koala. Does anyone out there have any other suggestions?


Anonymous m said...

Now that's an insult... to koalas!

27 July, 2007 20:13  
Blogger Giorgio said...

To loipov Koumpare Noulln, pareta va 8oreis kipriakn tnleorasn, va akoueis radio tze va dkiabazeis to Tass news agency (CNA) dioti 8a fkeis pellos...

29 July, 2007 11:08  

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