July 31, 2007

Sell Me More Juice

Here's the electricity deal so far: A fourth unit will be installed at Vassiliko power station and will be up and running by May, 2008. But, the minister of commerce and industrial art keeps hinting, there may also be a dire need to get extra juice from a third party. Is this because the third party in question has enough dirt on how and why the succesful tender for the fourth unit was granted? Does the successful tender boast a leading law firm which in turn boasts the name of an eminent citizen of the Republic of Cyprus?

And don't forget that we need at least a 20% surplus over peak demand. I thought that was the case when it comes to hard drives and not power stations. Hm, whatever...

Other outstanding issues: firefighting equipment (whatever happened to the 30 tons of gear the Israelis brought with them?), public transportation (didn't Thrassou promise an overhaul with tons of EU funds?), desalination (total fuck-up, there as well), and the National Health scheme (kill a civil servant for aspirin today!).

On the bright side of things, however, if TeePee gets re-elected he can blame the entire shambles and rampant corruption on the previous government. If he does, we'll have a new yardstick for the truth.


Anonymous xalanx said...

As someone working in an office building where air conditioning power supply was turned off by EAC on a daily basis recently, with them boasting at the same time in the press that they are NOT facing any shortages, I tend to agree that a 20% "surplus" IS reasonable.

Check out the graph at www.dsm.org.cy and you can see yourself that right now Cyprus is on the edge of a blade (total generation vs availability).

31 July, 2007 22:59  
Blogger Noullis said...


Thanks for forcing my mind to get thinking. Here are some of the results:

1. I don't think the question is so much whether we should have a 10, 15 or even 50% 'surplus'. What I have not heard any journalist bother to ask is how this 'margin' works. Does 'auxiliary' power mean some sort of redundancy or is it extra capacity that is always online and can therefore be tapped at any given time, assuming, of course, that we're all footing the bill whether it is used or not. I feel this is a crucial question which will never be answered as long as no one poses the bloody question.

2. Why is it that we are not planning on consuming less off the national grid - as it stands today - in 2008. The foot dragging on part of the ministry of commerce and industrial strength spray paint is typical. The bureaucracy is infuriating as any energy saving schemes are currently not worth an individual's or an entrepreneur's while. Doing deals on extra units and as third parties, however, seems to be more the norm. It seems that some people out there want to first milk their own cow and then let others into their fertile pasture.

3. When there is conflicting talk of a 'third party' supplying the EAC with an extra 50 MW, in addition to the estimated 130+ that will supposedly be available from the 4th unit in time for next summer, it simply makes me suspicious. Too many ladies protesting too much. Hell, they're making me paranoid and jealous. Jealous because I'm a nobody and can't play the back-hander game (I think I've managed to incorporate paranoia in this sentence). I'd even go so far as to suggest that if Israel can deal with the revival of a land for peace mindset, perhaps we should accept a 'bakshish for juice' strategy.

4. I hope you get through the rest of the summer without having to endure any more power cuts

01 August, 2007 02:29  
Blogger Demetris said...

xalanx: Apart fro the air-con, how many lamps did you have on at the office? Partialy used printers? Copy machines? Phones charging?
Did your boss ever thing of sending off to work from home? Or buy you guys portable colar panels for your laptops?

And this is not to side with EAC; their idiocy has registered climate change -the root of this- as a mere extension of desire to be fullfilled by surplus (Marxist economist welcome) and not as an extended desire to be 'transfered' (in psychoanalytic lingo) and thus in practise, altered.

Alla apo 'n antrpepete o kosmos en dikos tou.
And this has to do with a notion of morality.

01 August, 2007 03:36  
Anonymous m said...

The EAC's solution was to use air con's "selectively" between 11am and 5pm... now that will work!

01 August, 2007 06:43  

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