January 16, 2010

Kiss my neighbour's ass

There are more than a few things I'd love to ask of people I've met over the last few years. Crap, a semicolon would have been soooooo well placed at this point in time. But, hey, I'm just regarding a freak show, here; greeks who know not of Elytis or Empeirikos - let alone being able to quote either correctly (or thereabouts) in a fallow land, claiming to be Helenic in origin.

So, little turds, allow me to vent and break wind in your insignificant direction. Regardless of what you may feel, I have decided to denigrate you to where you may have belonged had a silly, uppity amoeba never decided to do a split across your bankrupt souls.

Yes, of course, all I want to say is that I love you...

Eat me!

[as received and reproduced - in full - by the management]


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