April 30, 2009

Anarcho-Syndicalists of the World, Unite!

I want a May Day parade. Yes, I do, I do. And I want such parade management services to be outsourced to the private sector. I know people who know people and it may be time I got a job. It's all about people with jobs day, for chrissake..... never mind...


Anonymous the Idiot Mouflon said...


Umm... who's chris?

01 May, 2009 01:46  
Blogger Noullis said...

The only person on earth who knows what "Mullholland Drive" is all about

01 May, 2009 12:04  
Anonymous Your_friendly_head_banga____move_out_of_my_way!!! said...

In your links poji poda (what a village idiot) you have the British small wars website. Do you know that David Carter who has that site is a close personal friend of Roulf Denktash? Do you know that David Carter lives in the north part of Cyprus? Do you know that he was brought to the island by Asil Nadir and is writing for Cyprus Today newspaper that mostly cater to Brits who are in possession of GC property? Do you know that he is actively lobbying Great Britain for the construction in the "TRNC" of a memorial on GC land? You ever heard of the book called The Cyprus Tapes, well he is the author of it. And on top of that, he's got a new book that will soon be released titled Aphrodiite's Killers. Do i really need to explain what that book is going to be about?

Geez louise, what kind of GCs do we have here? Reading too many anglicized...brit point of view.. Cyprus Mail opinion pieces and this is the result. Poji poda... duuuh, ok.

Lets see, how can i word this properly so you guys understand? You dont like livin here in sunny CY? Den get the steppin! TAke uH HIke! h stravada ma....whaaa??!! Go back to mamma UK!

Yes, i know, childish response there at the end, but look who i am talking to...

Pathetic. And on that note.....

Im outtie 5000!!!!!

06 May, 2009 09:58  
Blogger Noullis said...

you need to do the laundry.... fast!

03 June, 2009 02:11  

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