January 30, 2008

We Could Have Told You That

Scientists at the University of Melbourne took their time to come to their conclusions regarding chameleons. They obviously haven't heard of Lillikas.

January 25, 2008

"...and he's hung..."

another one from omorfos.

How Dare You?!

The sanctimonious attitude of "how dare you question us", as pioneered by the likes of La Keneveze and Yiannakis at the State broadcaster seems to have spread to ANT1.

This is how it's done. You're a TV presenter and you have guests on your little chat show. If any guest says something dismissive about your broadcaster employer, you proceed to throw a shit-fit, talking over the guest while repeating any variation of the stock "how dare you insult us/I will not allow this" and even go as far as Yiannakis to bark "cut to commercials!!" as he did a few months ago while he had Costas Themistocleous on Apo Mera se Mera (As time goes by).

This time the party was over at ANT1, which featured Dr. Matsakis and Louis Igoumenides. Matsakis claimed that the island's broadcasters favour certain candidates and that he was totally ignored by the station by the station. This prompted Pomilorides of ANT1 to do a Yiannakis Nicolaou by giving Matsakis the sanctimonious "how dare you...blah, blah, blah..." treatment until Tsalakos, the head of the news department, interrupted by phoning in:

Tsalakos: "Yo, 'ssup?"
Matsakis: "I'm just telling it like it is, dude"
Tsalakos: "Oh, yeah? So, how come you're on the air...?" (with a touch of irony in his voice)
Matsakis: "I'm on the air because I protested vehemently to the Broadcasting Authority".

And thus, Tsalakos did not have much else to say on the matter.

I say give Matsakis more air time, he's a lot more fun than the boring, pseudodebate during which, as Igoumenides quite rightly pointed out, the water situation was not even raised by the so-called journalists.

As for which presidential hopefuls ought to be given air time, it is high time that our local broadcasters took into account the votes Matsakis when he stood for election as EuroMP. Or perhaps they should take into account the percentage of votes given to DIKO during the last parliamentary elections.

Spot The Green

Here we have the 3 main candidates for the upcoming presidential elections as they gather their thoughts in the green room at the State Broadcaster. It was a so, so debate with Paris Potamitis using the 30 second timeslot reserved for asking a question to simply introduce his question. The 3 ran out of the time allotted to answer the lame questions, with the exception of Kasoulides. The other two treated the 'out of time' reminder as if they were not doing so well during a quiz show.

The most peculiar comment on the debate came from the so-called Green Party which bellyached about the lack of environmental questions posed. Well, dudes, you had ample time to get in touch with the journalists and suggest a question or two. Until such time as you get proactive, please spare us your childish comments.

January 18, 2008

Quick, get an interpretator!

What's all this fuss about Marcos being racist?
Well, Sky in Australia has gone to town on it with the help of interpretators...

E E E Euro!!