February 08, 2009

Brilliant or Sacrilege?

Over at the Cyprus Mail, Patroclos has outdone himself once again. Commenting on the "other Patroclos" [Stavrou] waxing lyrical over the late and fab Makarios, during which rants he speculates on the possibility of Barack Obama having been named Makarios:
“If the Kenyan president of the US Barack Husein Obama was born five years earlier in Nairobi and not in Honolulu, he could also have been named Makarios,” said Stavrou. And if Makarios was born five years later, in Jeddah instead of Panayia, he could have been called Mahmoud.
My verdict? Brilliant!


Anonymous milaz said...

"Koulias urged the minister to recall the headmistress to the free areas immediately and appoint someone, who will teach the kids to hate the Turks. The ministry will also send chastity belts to the Karpas school for all the girls to wear and the keys will be given to Falas."

Brilliant indeed...

09 February, 2009 11:19  
Blogger nekatomenos said...

What about brilliant sacrilege?

10 February, 2009 02:38  

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