November 07, 2008

Who Asked You, Tommy 2?

Burn, baby, burn!

‘Throw away the history books’
By Stefanos Evripidou

The leader of the Orthodox flock in Cyprus will ask school children to throw away their history books if he feels they have been distorted, the primate warned yesterday.

Asked to comment on the Education Ministry’s efforts to revise and update school books, some of which have been in circulation for near three decades, Archbishop Chrysostomos II told reporters that the Church would not tolerate distortion of the truth.

“The Church has a clear position on this. We will not allow the distortion of history,” he said.

The Archbishop went so far as to say he would encourage children to throw away their books if the Church did not approve of them.

“We will stand firm to the point where we will even call on the children to throw away such books that have distorted the history of our country,” said Archbishop Chrysostomos.

“The people are looking at us, listening to us and judging us all,” replied Government Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou.

The spokesman said the Archbishop was stuck on a non-issue, since the government was not responsible for education reform.

The committee for reform of the syllabus, headed by an esteemed academic, was responsible, clarified Stefanou.

From there on, any changes will be subject to discussion and consensus before any new books are given to the schools, he added.

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Anonymous milaz said...

Ol' Tommy 2 on Obama's election -

07 November, 2008 14:33  
Blogger mariaS said...

"We will not allow the distortion of history"
I'm sorry but.. what about the distortion of history appearing in the Religious Knowledge(aka 8riskeftika) books that have been around for the past 2000 years?

07 November, 2008 18:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His holy beatitude is a dickhead, sadly though he is in the country that spawned them, irrespective of which side of the 'divide' one wishes to address:-)

14 November, 2008 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely! If he goes ahead and ask the children to throw away the books, surely the children will just do that!!! LOL! Very funny! As if the children are so close to the church that they will listen to him! In which century does this man lives in????!

17 November, 2008 00:04  

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