October 29, 2008

Roasting Colombian

It's all down at 27 Themistokli Dervis Street in Nicosia. The only freshly roasted coffee available in Stravaraland, courtesy of Coffee Direct. I have no idea who Ban & Ban are, but from what we're told they're responsible for the custom built machine seen in the clip above.

So, get your readies out and head on over for the best java in town...

This is a test transmission, so bear with us... or don't.



Blogger anipotheti said...

did you buy any? is is any good?

29 October, 2008 20:07  
Blogger Noullis said...

Damn right I did! A kilo of Colombian Supremo. Frrrreshly roasted. Leave it alone for 6-8 hours if it's fresh and unless you have a serious grinder, have it ground for you.

29 October, 2008 20:43  
Anonymous Kouroupettos said...

Polla kalo quality...

30 October, 2008 09:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent coffee the freshest and best by far even the flavoured coffeess are done there in the shop !! bravo re noulli you smell the coffee ..................... and also the beer.

30 October, 2008 10:02  
Blogger maria said...


am off to get some tomorrow

30 October, 2008 20:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re ma se ti topo kanete ton kafe? Eiste san tous tsigganous ekei reee...ksipnate reee....reziiiliii!!!!

...kai aftos o karaflas o asximomouris oute gia kafe den kanei..assixtir

15 November, 2008 18:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oi kai asximos........

21 November, 2008 09:47  

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