July 31, 2008

Holey cow Batman!

According to OffSite [and later on "Alitheia"] His Most Democratically Elected Eminence Archbishop stated He supports our [Communist] government's decision to get back into full scale reunification talks when the summer is out and the schools are back in.

For which, by the way, we're grateful, because a new round of talks coinciding with the start of the school year might distract His Holliness Snidley Whiplash from his religious schools masterplan.

Don't be massively surprised though. The quote, as given by OffSite was that:
«Η Εκκλησία της Κύπρου στηρίζει την έναρξη συνομιλιών διότι άνευ συνομιλιών δεν μπορεί να λυθεί το εθνικό μας θέμα»
Which sounds great right next to:
«Η Τουρκία κατά τη διάρκεια των συνομιλιών θέτει πάντα μαξιμαλιστικές θέσεις, κάτι που με κάνει να πιστεύω ότι δεν θα καταλήξουμε σε λύση»
Seems like someone's letting talks go ahead even if, or especially because, they think it won't work? What a beacon of moderation of moderation His Beautitude has become.

The statement having been made right between a meeting with Mr. Marios "we disagree with conducting talks but agree anyway" Garoyian and right before a meeting with Mr. Dimitri "let's put a cement block over Yes by saying No" Christofia, we should be reminded that the Ethnarch loves backroom dealings and playing at rasa and daggers. And it's far easier to smile and nod and wait to be called upon to say "I told you so".

*We illustrate this post with a younger, more innocent Tom 2, née Irodotos Demetriou.


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