January 16, 2010

Kiss my neighbour's ass

There are more than a few things I'd love to ask of people I've met over the last few years. Crap, a semicolon would have been soooooo well placed at this point in time. But, hey, I'm just regarding a freak show, here; greeks who know not of Elytis or Empeirikos - let alone being able to quote either correctly (or thereabouts) in a fallow land, claiming to be Helenic in origin.

So, little turds, allow me to vent and break wind in your insignificant direction. Regardless of what you may feel, I have decided to denigrate you to where you may have belonged had a silly, uppity amoeba never decided to do a split across your bankrupt souls.

Yes, of course, all I want to say is that I love you...

Eat me!

[as received and reproduced - in full - by the management]

Real - suck me!

Papadakis of EDEK mentioned realpolitik and then went on to tell us he was frightened. After this we had Perdikis yowl as if he were in heat. Which of the two deserves to be shafted first?

Is CyBC - with all its undeserved subsidies - merely a forum for the likes of the abovementioned to get a guilty, yet lustfully famished proctal intervention (not to be confused with *invasion*)?

How much of the taxpayers' money did our sex craved little minister of Finance give the state broadcaster? Go play with one of your studs, you little, part-time Lythrodontite!

[as received by the management]