October 31, 2008

SMS, Habibi

So, when I hear this I know I have a text message...

But, for civil servants, I would recommend this one...

October 30, 2008

He Said No - A Resounding No!

Now, here's a moment captured by the phone. I thought I was about to call someone and instead took this picture of part of the fridge door. The flash scared the [be]jesus out of me, so to speak. Too much technology but oh so much fun at times.

Try and share this link on your facebook page and see what happens....some peckerhead out there has decided to flag Stravara Mas (which rhymes with 'offensive, my ass'...)

More stuff tomorrow, I hope.

October 29, 2008

Roasting Colombian

It's all down at 27 Themistokli Dervis Street in Nicosia. The only freshly roasted coffee available in Stravaraland, courtesy of Coffee Direct. I have no idea who Ban & Ban are, but from what we're told they're responsible for the custom built machine seen in the clip above.

So, get your readies out and head on over for the best java in town...

This is a test transmission, so bear with us... or don't.