February 10, 2007

Where have all Our Intellectuals Gone?

Asks Savvas Jacovides of Simerini. Where have they all gone? Why don't they come out to show our students the way forward? Why do we, instead, have to suffer all the ignominious (ατιμωτικό) rewriting of Stravaraland history from Athens?

I do not agree with rewriting history out of Athens myself, but does Jacovides wonder what we have all been taught in Stravaraland schools over the last three decades? Has anyone heard of the Akritas Plan in any school? Of the name Nikos Sampson was given by The Times in the 1960s? (“The Butcher of the Turks” if you are wondering). Have our children been told that EOKA (A, the good one) killed more Greek Cypriots than English soldiers? Had we been told while growing up that there are at least 500 T/C who are missing from before 1974? That some of the G/C missing were buried in unmarked graves that nobody cared to unearth since 1974, even though people knew where these graves were? Have we ever been told in schools what really happened between 1960 and 1974?

I could go on. My point is simple. There is a simple answer to Jacovides' question. The intellectuals are either away from Stravaraland, or are shut up by the Simerini people (was Akamas shown in Stravaraland?), or live on the Other Side (Angastiniotis) or (most of them) simply cannot take part in the organized propaganda that Jacovides etc want to orchestrate. True intellectuals cannot be one-sided, much to the chagrin of Jacovides and company.

Here is an objective history of Stravaraland by an intellectual (granted, a foreign one):

Just translate this for a modern history of Stravaraland. Simple, ain't it?

Will Jacovides accept this objective history to be taught in our schools?

And, if not, is it really any wonder that intellectuals are nowhere to be found?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure the archbishop is in this intellectuals MIA group....

11 February, 2007 10:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brilliant link (cyprus-conflict.net)
thank you.

12 February, 2007 00:29  
Blogger drakouna said...

"True intellectuals cannot be one-sided"


12 February, 2007 08:15  

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