November 08, 2009

God Is Airport (sans culottes)

We finally proved that an airport is not just an airport. And 4 men in dresses proved it. Larnaca Airport is known to the trade press (and Jesus Christ, by extension - so to speak) as one of the 2 biggest fuck-ups in Europe. The other being the one in Tirana, which the average Cypriot would shrug off as being merely and sadly 3rd world. And yet we have the men in dresses throwing bones on the tarmac in true Congolese fashion. Sans Culottes. Sans Culottes!

The looney left (the bastards in charge) needs to wither away before our children die. Simply, before Pavlos Pavlou takes over or my 12 year old daughter is impregnated by a bishop from wherever he may be.

And remember, people - it can 'handle' 3 times as many people as the old airport. This is crucial during such dire times as a critical worldwide recession.

Darwin was waaaay off course. Yes, oh yes, he was!