March 15, 2006

Cement Hands

You've heard of cement shoes. And the contributors of this blog would love nothing better than to cash in their savings and send a container's worth to Cyprus to be worn by the likes of Tee Pee and his motley crew of halfwits.

But what about a few pairs of gloves for the likes of this gentleman - the venerable Speaker of the House of Reps?

Yes, lads and ladettes, a pair of heavy gloves for the hand that cast the NO vote in order to 'cement a Yes'. The man who took a waiter from Shistris tavern and plonked him at the controls of the Foreign Ministry.

So has the No-Yes cement dried yet? Have we all had our fill of frothing at the mouth whenever the Head Honcho in the pseudoNorth invites a dignitary over to sit under an illegal flag? Has the leader of the Stalinist rabble achieved anything at all towards re-unifying Stravaraland? Will the gloves fit?

But there is an obscure connection. Jackie Boy, Stravaraland's current Foreign Minister and former presidential candidate (more like a cement enema, that experience must have been) must fondly remember the glory days of his Shitris tenure as a waiter, bouncing along with that affable grin under his moustache serving up a river of gastronomic delights.

The connection?

Comrade Cement was recently described in the Athens press as the "Modern Sheftali". How unkind and cruel. Check out the picture in profile and comment away.

The next blog entry may or may not be as obscure.